M. Toulouse Desiree Double Leather Adjustable Tree Jumping Saddle( Genesis Model) 17.5"

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The M. Toulouse Desiree Double Leather Close Contact saddle has a classic jumper look.  Featuring a large padded flap, the soft double leather provides extra grip and comfort and has a nice forward flap preferred by jumper riders. It is also suitable for the equitation rider. The Desiree has an adjustable Genesis tree that can be adjusted millimeter by millimeter to fit almost any horse!

The Genesis adjustable gullet system allows a single saddle to fit multiple horses.  The system adjusts by very small increments using  a 3 step process and the included hex wrench.  Simply unlock the gullet, adjust gullet width and lock in -all WITHOUT taking the saddle apart!  A small discreet leather covered flap under the saddle hides the mechanism.