Horze Ribbed Amara Half Chaps


The fabric used is high grade for dependability, longevity, and comfort. The result is, beautiful half chaps equipped to satisfy the demands of riders. Designed with Amara fabric, these Half Chaps are dependable, easy to maintain and beautiful on the rider. The natural leather like product is similar in structure to natural leather without the high maintenance. The microfiber suede texture is soft, durable, and tear resistant with high tensile strength to maintain the shape. Easy to care for fabric that easily handles daily rigorous use. Form easily to the natural contour of the lower leg for a snug fit. A foot strap and a durable, full-length YKK zipper placed between the stretch panels; secure the half chap’s position. A Velcro strap adjusts to your liking while a bottom strap overlaps the locked zip pull for safety, snapping tightly in place. Inner panels prevent rubbing and provide superior grip even in wet conditions.

Technical Description

The ceramic powder is fused in the fibers of polyester/polypropylene and does not separate when washed. Machine wash cold. Use normal detergents that do not contain bleach or fabric softeners. Air dry only, do not tumble dry.


  • Solid construction with a custom fit
  • Reinforced stitching throughout
  • Contoured skirt over instep
  • Extremely durable Amara fabric
  • Tear resistant fabric
  • Provides grip in wet conditions
  • Elastic panels add comfort and freedom of movement
  • Ribbed elastic panels adds ½ in additional stretch
  • Genuine YKK® zipper
  • Resistant to dirt and debris
  • Maintains shape after washing and extended wear
  • Machine washable