E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo 32 oz


Talk about a great combination! E3 Waterless Moroccan Argan Oil shampoo for Horses combines a dry shampoo with coat-enriching Moroccan Argan oil! To remove a green spot or clean a dirty area, just spray on, lather up and wipe dry with a clean towel. Brush when dry. Waterless shampoo is ideal for quick clean ups when you don’t have time to give your horse a full bath. Tuck a bottle in your trunk for shows and toss one in the trailer for trips. E3 Waterless Argan Oil Shampoo cleans your horse or pony’s coat while moisturizing and adding shine.
  • 32oz spray bottle
  • Waterless shampoo & spot cleaner for horses.
  • Great for shows & travel
  • Made by Elite Products.